Holy Spirit: Part One

The Holy Spirit is or should be a part of every believers life.  We are going to talk about the roles of the Holy Spirit over the next few weeks.  I’m very excited to go through this teaching with You.  The Holy Spirit is neither male nor female, however, it is said that the Holy Spirit is feminine traits, primarily because the Word of God says that the Holy Spirit is our comforter.  Let’s open with a Word of prayer

I want to begin this new series by looking at when the Holy Spirit really came into the picture fully. I believe we see little what I would call “sprinkles” of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, however, in the New Testament we get a much bigger picture of the Holy Spirit.   John 14:25-26.

“I am telling you these things now while I am still with you. But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative—that is, the Holy Spirit—he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you.”

I like how the Amplified Bible gives us a little more insight into verse 28: But the Helper (Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor—Counselor, Strengthener, Standby), the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name [in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], He will teach you all things. And He will help you remember everything that I have told you.

The Amplified refers to the Holy Spirit as:

First, our comforter. The definition of a comforter in it’s simplest term is: one that gives comfort.  Just a side note, when I looked up the word comforter in the Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary, it has the Holy Spirit under one of the definitions!

Secondly, the Holy Spirit is our Advocate. An advocates is a legal term and it means “one who pleads the cause of another; specifically : one who pleads the cause of another before a tribunal or judicial court”.

Thirdly, the Holy Spirit is our Intercessor. Last week, Pastor Marie spoke on prayer.  When a person intercedes for another person (or situation for that matter), they pray to God.  Intercession is a very powerful tool.  It gives me great peace knowing that the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf!  So does Jesus, by the way.

1 John 2:1 please: “My dear children, I am writing this to you so that you will not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case before the Father. He is Jesus Christ, the one who is truly righteous.”

So, we actually have two Persons of the Trinity praying for us!  I don’t know about You, but I need all the prayers that I can get!

Fourthly, the Holy Spirit is our Counselor. Life is difficult, sometimes it even can get almost unbearable.  Even though God has put people in Your life to counsel You (such as Your Pastors), we cannot always be available.  However, the good news is the Holy Spirit is always available and no appointment is necessary!

Fifth, the Holy Spirit is our Strengthener. This feeble body is actually very weak.  However, we find the solution in 2 Corinthians 12:9 and 10, and this is a very good scripture to highlight as well as memorize:

“Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.  That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

And lastly, the Holy Spirit is our standby. Joyce Meyer says it best: “The Holy Spirit is our standby. He’s waiting for us to say,”  ‘Comfort me, help me, teach me, lead me, show me what to do & how to pray.’ ”

I referred to it briefly at the beginning of my message but I’m going to expound on it a little more here. Let’s go back, way back in fact, to creation.   Genesis 1:1-2.

The Bible says:  “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.”

I thoroughly believe that this is talking about the Holy Spirit. You see church, the Holy Spirit has creative power.  Job 33:4,

Job says, “For the Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

Similarly, the Psalmist David writes in Psalm 104:30: “When you give them your breath, life is created, and you renew the face of the earth.”

I believe that the Holy Spirit has been misrepresented by many people, books, and unfortunately, some Pastors over the years. This is why we are going to spend a few weeks talking and learning about the Holy Spirit Biblicaly. There is nothing You need to fear when it comes to the Holy Spirit – in fact, 1 John 4:18 says, “Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love.”

  • Th Holy Spirit is a gift from God – because He truly loves us!
  • Next week, we are going to take a look at some of the effects that the Holy Spirit has on and in our lives.