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What Cheer Flea Market

MINISTRY LEADER: Pastor Jeremy Empie

3 times per year, we set up a booth at the What Cheer Flea Market in What Cheer, Iowa to share the love of God.  We give away “grab bags” to the kids and we have information about our church.

In preparation, the week before we go, we will be stuffing bags, packing literature and the trailer for this five-day event (Wednesday – Sunday).  Saturday evening, we will have our normal church service at the Grandstand in What Cheer at 8pm.

We need help packing, setting up, staffing and taking down our booth.  We will be meeting at The Bethesda House at 11am on Wednesday for prayer and then heading to What Cheer.

We ask that all members of The Bethesda House come to service (and help, if possible) on Saturday night.